Israel 2020 | 60 min | Creative Documentary


a film by Keren Alexander

At the of 80, Captain Meirson embarks on his last sail at open seas on his hand-made boat.

Surrounded by the breaking waves and sounds of depths, he refuses to accept what is more frightening than the winds - growing old.

 - CODA FOR A CAPTAIN is a poetic interpretation of “The old man and the sea”, which exposes the experience of loneliness and aging -

*a coda (Italian for "tail") is a concluding segment passage that brings a musical piece to an end.

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The Crew

The Captain

Born in Haifa in 1935, Ilan spent his childhood watching the Arab fishermen building their boats on the shore of the Kishon River, In his youth he joined the local Sea-Scouts where he learned to row and sail. 

He spent his army service as a fisherman for a kibbutz and later recruited to ZIM - the national merchant navy where he went up the ranks and quickly became a Captain commanding over massive merchant ships across the seas. When Ilan’s family extended, he left the navy and worked in the dead sea factories, overseeing the international sea-shipments. 

On 1986 he decided he wants to build his own boat. It took him 14 years. On the first day of his retirement, he launched Zina II and has sailed it up until the age of 80.  

Director and Editor
Screenwriter and director from Tel Aviv. She received her BFA from the Steve Tisch School of Film and Television at Tel Aviv University, in the Cinema Directing and Producing department. During her studies, Keren directed two short fiction films that were screened in film festivals in Europe, and a short documentary that was in the official selection of  the Shanghai Film Festival. ‘Coda for a Captain’ is her first feature-length documentary. She’s now developing two other documentary projects and writing a fiction feature film that received a development grant from the Rabinovich Film Fund.
Adi received his BFA in cinema from Sapir College.

He is an emerging award-winning cinematographer, with his works shown in many film festival around the world from Delhi to Chicago and Cannes. “Gabriel”, a short which he shot, directed by Oren Gerner, was in the Cannes Court Metrage Official Selection of 2018.


Yotam Sas is an Israeli Filmmaker. He is a graduate of "The Steve Tisch School of Film and Television" in the Tel-Aviv University.

Yotam is an acclaimed editor, both in film and television.

Editing some of Israel's most popular TV shows as well as short films that screened in different national and international festivals such as Cannes, Venice, Jerusalem and more.

Sound Designers
Daniel Meir is a sound designer specializing in original music for video art, documentaries, film, and theater.
He has been working with critically acclaimed video artists, filmmakers and musicians from around the world. Notably, he has collaborated on works featured in the Venice Biennale, on the Oscar nominees and Cannes winning film. Daniel is teaching sound art and sound design in Bezalel art academy in Jerusalem.
Daniel is one of the founders and the director of 'Halas Radio' an experimental internet radio station sponsored by The Israeli Center for Digital Art.
Alex Claude (1955-2019) was an award-winning cinema sound designer and one of the top sound designers in Israel. Since 1994, he designed over 50 feature films including ‘Foxtrot’, ‘Mr. Gaga’, ‘The Garden of Eden’, “Beaufort” and many (many) more. He was nominated 11 times for Best Sound at the Awards of the Israeli Film Academy, and won 7 times.
Coda For a Captain was his last work in progress.

Trailer & Info

Featuring: Ilan Meirson

Cinematographer: Adi Mozes

Editors: Yotam Sas, Keren Alexander

Sound Design: Daniel Meir, Alex Claude

Editing Advisor: Noit Geva

Additional shootings: Pablo Arcuschin

Archive Footage: Yossi Yaacov, Talia Galon, Nir Neeman, Guy Meirson

Color Grading: Peleg Levi

Visual Effects: Sascha Engel

Foley Artist: Aleksandra Stojanovic

Producers: Levi Zini, Avishai Peretz, Keren Alexander

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Festivals & Screenings

 !Israeli Premiere - 4th of September 2020
Israeli Screenings:
Cinema South International Film Festival -
13th of September - Sapir Drive In
14th of September - Sha'ar Ha'Negev

World Sales & International screenings: 

Justyna Gawelko 

Israeli Screenings:

Keren Alexander  -