Captain Meirson sets out on his final sail at the age of 81. Despite his age, he's admirably energetic and industrious and he operates his little boat skillfully and with love. But his body is starting to betray him - the long voyage to distant havens and the sudden winds are hard on him, raising the heavy anchor has become an almost impossible task. He breathes heavily, moves cautiously and begins to take in the realization that his body isn't what it used to be.

It becomes steadily clearer that there's no island he has yet to conquer, no one to say farewell to. He set out on his last voyage from the deep realization that this is the last flag he'll be raising on his mast. Now, for all he cares, let the propeller he's already fixed twice break down again, let the sail rip - these malfunctions don't bring him down; the repairs make him feel like there's nothing he can't overcome. These moments hold off the creeping old-age which will take him from the sea and from his beloved boat.

The protagonist's voyage is dependent on no place, time, or destination; his aim isn't to reach any particular place, and perhaps not even to return. He battles neither massive wave nor great whale; his battle is against the dilapidated body of the boat and his own unwillingly faltering body. This is an intimate, wordless travelogue which develops from the calm into a storm. 

*a coda [ˈkoːda] (Italian for "tail") is a concluding segment passage that brings a musical, ballet or literature piece to an end. It may be as simple as a few measures, or as complex as an entire section.

The Film

Israel 2020 | 61 min | Documentary

On his last sail, the old captain watches his hand-made boat rocking on the waves. Like him, the boat is creaky, dilapidated and pushed to its limits. A final passage in the life of a man who refuses to accept that which is less predictable than the wind and more frightening than the waves – growing old.

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The Crew

Director and Editor
Screenwriter and director from Tel Aviv. She received her BFA from the Steve Tisch School of Film and Television at Tel Aviv University, in the Cinema Directing and Producing department. During her studies, Keren directed two short fiction films that were screened in film festivals in Europe, and a short documentary that was in the official selection of  the Shanghai Film Festival. ‘Coda for a Captain’ is her first feature-length documentary. She’s now developing two other documentary projects and writing a fiction feature film that received a development grant from the Rabinovich Film Fund.
Adi received his BFA in cinema from Sapir College.

He is an emerging award-winning cinematographer, with his works shown in many film festival around the world from Delhi to Chicago and Cannes. “Gabriel”, a short which he shot, directed by Oren Gerner, was in the Cannes Court Metrage Official Selection of 2018.

Sound Designers
Daniel Meir is a sound designer specializing in original music for video art, documentaries, film, and theater.
He has been working with critically acclaimed video artists, filmmakers and musicians from around the world. Notably, he has collaborated on works featured in the Venice Biennale, on the Oscar nominees and Cannes winning film. Daniel is teaching sound art and sound design in Bezalel art academy in Jerusalem.
Daniel is one of the founders and the director of 'Halas Radio' an experimental internet radio station sponsored by The Israeli Center for Digital Art.
Alex Claude (1955-2019) was an award-winning cinema sound designer and one of the top sound designers in Israel. Since 1994, he designed over 50 feature films including ‘Foxtrot’, ‘Mr. Gaga’, ‘The Garden of Eden’, “Beaufort” and many (many) more. He was nominated 11 times for Best Sound at the Awards of the Israeli Film Academy, and won 7 times. Coda For a Captain was his last work in progress.
Doc.Films is a production house for documentary films and television series, founded by Levi Zini and Avishai Peretz. Doc.Films aims to be at the forefront of documentary filmmaking as a leading and innovative production house by supporting universal content with a social mission.
Levi Zini is a leading documentary filmmaker in Israel with over 30 years of creating independent films and television documentaries in a variety of genres, including art films, docu-activism, and current affair exposés. During 2009-2013, Zini served as Chief Commissioner of Israel’s premiere documentary channel, Channel 8.
Levi is a recipient of a variety of awards from local and international festivals, he was awarded Israel’s Minister of Education Award for Documentary Filmmaking in 1999 and 2012. 



 Keren Alexander